Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Disembodiment of Information

Thank you to Tac Anderson of New Comm Biz for presenting at last night's Treasure Valley Consultants' Network meeting. We had about 20 people in attendance, most of them with a background rich in web experience, and most of them contributing to the discussion on search engine optimization (SEO).

What I took away from the meeting was something Tac said about the state information and knowledge in the world today. With the accessibility of the internet, information is now disembodied. It is no longer attached to item that is delivering the message. For instance, if you walk into a store and see a display for an item, the message the display is giving is attached to the display. The same could probably be said about a billboard you see along the side of a road. It works in a similar way. The message is tied to the billboard. Today, that same message can be delivered on multiple channels, especially on the web, anywhere in the world wherever there is access.

As consultants and independent business owners, we now have tremendous leverage to get our message out - to market and sell our specialized knowledge, skills and expertise. It makes sense to position ourselves in a way to ensure sure our information, that is now disembodied from vehicle delivering it, reaches the people that are actively seeking it out. SEO is the way.

The best place to begin is through our own original content. What is on our minds? What do we have to say? How can we be of service to the business community? If we do this, we create a starting point for ourselves and give our potential customers something to come to. It sure beats the old methods of marketing - pushing our message out into a marketplace and not really knowing if what we have to say will be accepted or rejected. With the web, you at least know that your visitor has some interest in what you have to offer. Otherwise, would they have clicked on your link in the search engine results if it didn't have some relevance to what they are looking for? It's much better than nothing at all. The trick is to make sure you are in those results pages. A good SEO strategy is the way.

SEO is an ever changing field and fortunately for us we have people like Tac to help us make sense of it. To all those who were in attendance, thank you for being part of a great meeting. If you were unable to attend, be sure to attend the next meeting on March 27th as TVCNet member Peggy Jordan will be discussing Business Writing Basics. This is a great follow-up topic to what was discussed last night. I will be posting more information about that meeting in the weeks ahead.

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Peggy Jordan said...

Tac did a great job, as usual. I'm really excited about how all this new-media buzz we've been discussing and learning about centers around being real and relevant in our content and our messaging.