Monday, March 5, 2007

Some Press is Better Than No Press

Some follow-up to our meeting from last week...

Last Friday I was quoted in an article on business blogging in the Idaho Statesman. While most of my comments didn't make it in to the actual article, I made it to the sidebar. As they say, some press is better than no press at all. If you are interested in reading the full text of the comments I made, please visit my other blog.

It originally started two weeks ago when I was approached by Ken Dey, business reporter for the Idaho Statesman, to comment on the blogs written by a guest at our last meeting. Corey Smith from Fisher's Document Systems has been maintaining a business blog for his company. When you have a moment, please stop by and take a look at it. Corey does an excellent job demonstrating how a blog focused on the business solutions his company provides can help build a relationship and the conversation we want to have with our potential clients and current customers.

Even though Fisher's is a big company by our standards as individual consultants, they are still consultants nonetheless. Fisher's has taken the consulting approach to their business by looking at their client base and engaging them in meaningful conversations to help them find solutions to unique problems.

On another note our other guest, Oliver Fritsch of Cendesic, was the focus of a follow-up article on business blogging. If you haven't started one for your consulting business, Oliver offers some tips in the article. He also has some more advice in his own blog.

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Corey Smith said...

Hey, don't stress too much about it. I didn't get in at all. :)