Thursday, November 30, 2006

Validation for Becoming a Consultant

Like we really need it, but our friend Kevin Donaldson at Kinetic Shift sent me this blog posting the other day that confirmed in my mind why we choose to be consultants. In a previous post I joked around by saying that taking the leap into consulting or starting your own business is a lot like swallowing the red pill in The Matrix - you unplug yourself from the machine and go out on your own.

The blog posting Kevin sent is written by Andy Monfried. I'm not entirely sure what kind of company Andy has, but he makes a valid point by saying that large companies don't have, or don't offer, what small start-ups are founded on.

Confidence, desire and a hunger to perform.

The bigger they get, the more traits like confidence, desire, and hunger to perform take a backseat to less attractive traits like ego and politics. In the end, innovation suffers and those who are part of the corporate structure having the start up mentality are driven to find it elsewhere either on their own or with another company. Does this seem familiar to some of you?

In our own businesses we should heed Andy's advice. With our clients and potential customers we should approach them from this angle and strive to lift them to higher levels of confidence, desire and performance and guide them away from from the ego and politics that kills their innovation.

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