Thursday, November 30, 2006

Business Basecamp Tele-seminar

From time to time I like to pass along events that I think will be helpful in your business.

Last Fall I read an interesting book by Michael Port called Book Yourself Solid. The book changed how I approached my business and how I marketed it to potential clients. Occasionally I get e-mails from Michael on "virtual" events he hosts that I think offer a lot of value. He's got a BIG ONE coming up on December 4th called Business Basecamp 2006.

The event is a series of 1-hour tele-seminars featuring a number of business consultants, experts and authors speaking on subjects such as:

  • Marketing
  • Building Strategic Alliances
  • Social Networking
  • Building a Web Presence for Your Business
One of the tele-seminars will be hosted by Dave Lakhani, the author of Power of an Hour. Dave is a Treasure Valley resident and owner of Bold Approach.

Check out this event. It looks very interesting and best of all - it's FREE!

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