Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preliminary Results of the TVCNet 2008 Membership Survey

You may have noticed a trend in business lately where companies and organizations have touted themselves as being "transparent".  A company that is transparent may have different meanings to many people, but ultimately it means the company is open about their practices and how they work.

I always felt that TVCNet operates in the same fashion.  In the spirit of transparency, I decided it would be good to share some preliminary results from a recent membership survey that was conducted to measure the overall value of TVCNet membership and find area to improve upon.  While the results weren't surprising, it did give me a better view of the organization and where we need to leverage our talents to create a stronger organization that better serves its members and the community.

Here are some of the results:

  • Most indicated their membership held good value to them. 
  • Areas where we need to improve upon: networking among the consultants, referrals from other consultants and overall visibility in the Boise business community. 
  • Positive marks for our recent meeting venue (The WaterCooler), topics, speakers, and attendees. 
Overall, I was pleased with the response.  Approximately 2/3 of the membership responded and the feedback was open and honest.  While it gave me, the organizer, some ideas on where we need to improve, as a reader of this blog I hope it gives you a better understanding of the organization.  If you are considering joining our group please give it some thought.  One thing that holds true with TVCNet is the more members we have, the more opportunity we create for ourselves and for others.

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