Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Justified Reasons for Quitting Consulting?


As if there wasn't enough bad news floating around. I found this post several weeks ago and decided to sit on it, waiting to see what kind of feedback the author would receive. It looked to be mixed with some folks sympathetic to his plight and others offering support and advice for another go at being a freelancer.

Being a consultant or a freelancer offers no guarantees. Then again, being employed full-time by a company doesn't offer many guarantees either. Consulting is a profession that shouldn't be taken lightly especially when you have obligations, personal, financial, etc. I've know many folks who have burnt themselves out quickly because they jumped in with both feet rather than dip their toe in the waters of consulting, so to speak, to see if the temperature is just right.

Every person who has quit the consulting profession has their own justification. I certainly don't begrudge them for doing what is right by them and those they care for. The best advice I received from a colleague was to do freelance or consulting work on the side while still employed full-time. Build your network and your referrals. Before long you'll have a good foothold into being a consultant on a full-time, regular basis. If you aren't able to successfully build a client base, perhaps consulting isn't for you and that's OK.

We all love the freedom of being our own boss, but it can come at price both in our wallets and in our sense of security. What advice do you have for this gentleman? What have you done that can make a difference in how he goes about being a consultant or freelance professional?

I keep checking to see if he has written any follow-up posts. I only hope since he published his post things have improved and he's on a better path in his career.

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