Sunday, April 6, 2008

Book Review: Living Toad Free

To preface this book review, and in the interest of full disclosure, Dan Bobinski is a colleague and member of Treasure Valley Consultants' Network.

Over the weekend I was browsing through my office library when I stumbled upon Living Toad Free: Overcoming Resistance to Motivation by Dan Bobinski and Dennis Rader. A few years ago Dan gave me the book to review while I was involved with another organization in the Boise area. Certain circumstances at the time didn't allow me to write a proper book review. I guess you could say there was a "toad(s)" in the way (more on what toads are in just a moment). Now that I run my own organization, I have the ability to give Dan's book the review it rightly deserves.

What are "toads"?

Toads are obstacles that get in the way of what we truly want out of life. Toads come in many forms, shapes, colors and sizes. They show up just about anywhere. At home, at work or in places we least suspect. Some call them "personal demons", some call them "monkeys on our back." Whatever you call them, they have the ability to make us and the people around us miserable.

How do you get rid of "toads" in your life? This book can be your weapon.

Dan and Dennis cleverly collected a series of short stories based on actual events in the lives of the many students, clients and colleagues they have worked with over the years. Each story focuses on a theme and lesson at the end of each story identifies the toad and what the main character did to overcome that very toad. These powerful examples set the overall tone for the book that helps you identify the toads you face in your own life and how you can overcome them.

The lesson I learned from Dan and Dennis' book is that in order to overcome the toads in your life, wherever they may be, you have to identify them, face them head on and resolve to eliminate them. It's about being real and honest with yourself.

Since this is a blog about consulting and running a consulting business in the Boise area, you may be asking yourself what any of this has to do with our work. The consulting business is knee-deep in toads. It's such a personal business that it's hard to avoid them. Personally, I don't believe anyone can be completely toad free in life or in business. Life throws us a toad every now and then just to make sure we're still breathing! The trick is to know how to rid yourself of toads when they make an appearance. Only then will you be able to live your life and run your business the way they were meant to be.

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