Monday, December 31, 2007

TVCNet Theme for 2008: Quality over Quantity

Regular readers of this blog have probably noticed a decrease in the number of posts over the last couple months. The lack of posts are largely due to commitments in my life that have taken precedence, both business and personal.

As we come to the close of 2007, I've been reflecting on what has worked for TVCNet and what hasn't worked. It all boils down to quality over quantity. I can best illustrate this (and provide further explanation to the lack of posts) by telling you what I have learned this past year and what lies ahead for our organization.

Lessons Learned
I think I worked too hard to try to please as many people as possible. The objective for 2007 was to provide a forum for the member consultants through regular monthly meetings. If a consultant presented a topic it was my hope that the business community, along with the consulting community, would attend.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

As the year progressed, attendance at monthly meetings declined. It wasn't for lack of quality topics. I believe we has some very dynamic speakers who were very informative and timely. The problem was trying to reach as many people as possible (both consultants and the business community) when focus should have been on one group, the consultants.

What's Ahead
The focus of the organization for 2008 will be entirely on the membership. In the past I have broken my target audience into two groups: the consultants and then the businesses the consultants want to do business with.

The problem with this strategy is when you divide your attention between two groups, one usually loses out. The members have demonstrated to me that they are greatest marketing vehicle for this organization and have advocated our group to the Boise consulting community. I believe if we become stronger in our network we will be better equipped to engage the business community at large.

To accomplish this, we will start off the year by holding our monthly meetings in a "round table" forum where members and non-members in the consulting field can engage one another on selected topics that are import to our profession. I hope to accomplish an exchange of ideas that will foster and promote growth among the membership and their respective businesses.

How does all of this translate to this blog? In 2008 there will probably be fewer posts. It has always been my goal to post 8-10 posts per month. My current commitments and my desire to focus on the TVCNet membership simply will not allow this. What I intend to do in coming year is make fewer posts, but I will make sure what I post is of high quality. It will be timely and relevant to the readers and the membership. It will also have high value content that can be immediately applied to the work you do as a consultant.

Thank you for continued interest in this blog and best of luck to you in 2008.

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