Monday, July 16, 2007

Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants

It seems I write too much about marketing, but if you are a consultant like me that’s what most of your job consists of. On top of being a coach, advisor, salesperson, banker, publisher and administrator, marketing is just another hat we wear as business consultants.

Marketing is part of everything we do to create a profile for ourselves and the services we offer. You are probably well aware of Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of the popular Guerrilla Marketing series of books. No doubt you have read or seen his book targeted toward consultants called Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants.

I stumbled upon a 25-page overview, or e-book, of the publication while doing some online research that I now have posted to the TVCNet Resources section. Here a few thoughts I had after reading this e-book. Perhaps these might prompt you to download and review the e-book for yourself.
  • Everything you do on a regular basis markets you and your business.You can’t market a consulting business in the traditional sense.
  • Your clients are not looking for you in the Yellow Pages or waiting to consume your ad in some fashion.When your potential client is in need, you must be there – at the right place and the right time.
  • Clients see consulting as a commodity. Avoid becoming a commodity by using differentiating buzzwords like “quality service” or “customer service”. It means nothing to them.
  • Your most potent marketing weapon is your reputation. You will be judged on many things ranging from the quality of work to how you interact with the client’s staff.
  • Patience is a virtue in marketing a consulting business. You may not see results for several months.
  • It’s about selling yourself – you must earn the confidence of your client before you can gain their trust.
There are many more thoughts I have on this e-book, but I thought I’d turn it over to you. What’s different about marketing a consulting business versus marketing a traditional business such as a brick-and-mortar type business?


Richard I. Garber said...

There is a follow-up to the Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants book.

In January Michael W. McLaughlin, the ex-Deloitte Consulting co-author who is now over in Portland released “Consult This! 62 Tips for Consulting Success”.

He took the posts from the blog for the book, then arranged, and assembled them into a 75 page free e-book which can be downloaded at:

It is easier to read the blog as an “old whine in a new bottle”.

Justin Beller said...
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Justin Beller said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Richard. Very handy!