Saturday, March 31, 2007

Do You Need an MBA to be in Business For Yourself?

During my weekly reading I noticed a couple of blog posts and articles discussing MBA's - masters of business administration.

Do consultants and entrepreneurs need these advanced degrees to be in business for themselves?

Here's one opinion and here is another. They both pretty much come to the same conclusion, but I'd like to see you the reader think before I offer my viewpoint. I know some members of our organization have them, some may be studying for them and others may be contemplating them.

So, what do you think?


Corey Smith said...

I would hire someone with experience and no MBA before I would hire an MBA with no experience. In my opinion an MBA is only valuable if that person has experience to back the reason behind the MBA. I am completing my MBA program and find that I have learned some invaluable information that I can take to my clients everyday.

Above all, an MBA gives you the credentials that can support your experience.

Tac Anderson said...

So I started off with a comment and realized it was turning into a post: