Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TVCNet Update - Week of December 18

Just wanted to update everyone on the latest happenings with TVCNet. An e-mail went out to the membership on a couple of these items, but there are a few that are "just in" and need to be mentioned.

  • Save the date for January 23rd at 5:30 p.m. That's the next TVCNet meeting where TVCNet member Johnna Johnson will present Raising the Bar from Mediocrity to Excellence. Those of you who have met Johnna know that she's a great person and I'm looking forward to her presentation - something I think all consultants and business owners alike can benefit from. Location is still being secured, but I will let you know where it will be no later than the first week of January.
  • TVCNet member Rebecca Evans from Inner Element sent me information on a seminar series she's producing called New Year Revolution. So, similar to Johnna's presentation, if you want to establish personal and professional goals and keep them in 2007, this might be something to look in to. Head over to Rebecca's website, and send her a message from her contact form to let her know you would like more information.
  • Almost 80 recruitment letters went out to consultants in and around the Treasure Valley this week inviting them to join TVCNet. Let your fellow consultants know about TVCNet. We have big plans in store for 2007 and the more members we have, the more fun it will be! Have them visit our website for more information and to join.
  • I'll be blogging about the remainder of the seminars from the Business Basecamp 2006 Tele-seminar Series no later than Friday. There are just a few more left and they focus on primarily on coaching - something I think is relevant to almost every consultant.
  • After Friday I'll be taking a break for about a week writing on this blog. With the holidays ahead I felt it would be better to spend time with family and friends than to stare at a computer monitor. Normal posts will resume after the New Year.
Here's to a happy and prosperous 2007!

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