Friday, January 2, 2009

Guest Post: Ten Powerful Changes to Make In the New Year

Editor's Note: TVCNet member Johnna Johnson of Johnna Johnson & Co. wrote the following for her recent newsletter. It has been reposted here with permission.  Johnna is also hosting a series of workshops called "Refine in '09" beginning in January. Call (208) 376-3634 or visit her website for more information.

Join me in my personal mission this next year to "Refine in '09". Here are 10 basic steps to refine in '09:

  1. Surround yourself with dynamic, innovative and incredible  people who make you feel great about yourself!
  2. Recognize you only have control over YOU. That's it! You can't control your staff, boss or in-laws. Spend your precious time on things you can control.
  3. Say "no" this year! Spend your precious time on things you TRULY care and are passionate about.
  4. Don't let what others think of you navigate your life. Do what is best for YOU, not others. After all, when it comes down to it, you are the one who will be reaping the rewards and/or consequences.
  5. Trust your gut!
  6. Raise the bar. What can you do this year that's even better? Better performance evaluation? Better sales results? Better relationships? Raise the bar in all areas of your life.
  7. Prioritize. Spend your energy on those things, people and tasks that are most important to you. We often times let the "fires" of everyday get in the way of our true and genuine priorities.
  8. Build your network of experts who can help you get you to where you are going in 2009. Perhaps you need the expertise of a Personal Fitness Trainer to help you finally realize your health goals or a Financial Planner to provide the guidance you need to maximize your financial dreams.
  9. Believe. Isn't it time you created the life you've been dreaming of?
  10. Take action. Sometimes big goals, ideas and tasks seem daunting. Take baby steps each and every day. When you take action, you will be rewarded with great abundance. So, feel the fear and ""Just Jump!"

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