Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cavalcade of Consultants, or the Next TVCNet Meeting

In my last post I talked about how during economic downturns, and after people become unemployed, they often turn to consulting either as a new career choice or something to fill in the time between jobs. Whether you are making a career change or doing what you can to earn income between full-time jobs, it must be taken seriously and you must put your best foot forward to create a professional image. Otherwise, it will be hard for a clients to take you seriously.

I say this because it’s easy to call yourself a consultant. Many people do in times like these if they find themselves unemployed, but it has unfortunately become part of a punch line to a joke.

(you) “I’m a consultant.”
(them) “Oh, you mean you’re unemployed.”

Changing the public perception of consulting has been one of the primary missions of Treasure Valley Consultants’ Network (TVCNet) since it was founded in October, 2006. In February, TVCNet will be hosting an event that will re-introduce our organization to the Boise business community. Many people know of us, but we felt it was time to get the word out about who we are and who we serve once again because the current economic climate call for it.

For the upcoming event, here are our two objectives:

  1. Current and new consultants – come see how TVCNet can support you. Whether you are building your consulting business or have been in business for years, see how we facilitate networking and sharing best practices in the profession of consulting.
  2. Business owners, managers, executives – business needs still exist in a down economy. Although you may not be able to hire full-time staff to meet those needs, consultants can help fill the gap and provide specialized knowledge and expertise to help your business remain competitive and sustainable. Come see how TVCNet can be a one-stop resource to match you up with business professionals that can help solve your current business problems.
Save the date of Thursday, Feburary 19th at 11:30 a.m. on your calendar. We will hold our event in the Seminar Room of VengaWorks in Meridian on West Overland Road (map).

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