Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recap of September TVCNet Meeting: Apropos Marketing Foundation Workshop

Mike Fisch of Apropos led a special session of our monthly TVCNet meeting on Thursday, September 25th at The WaterCooler where he previewed his Apropos Marketing Foundation Workshop to those in attendance.  This same workshop will be formally launched on October 29th.

The Apropos Marketing Foundation Workshop is an interactive session developed by Mike Fisch where students learn how to select a target market for their products and services and craft a marketing message that will reach the target audience and potentially convert them to customers.

Sitting in attendance, here are the key points I took away from the workshop:

  • When it comes to the products and services you are selling, it's more than features and functions.
  • Connect the product or service to the needs of your audience.
  • Your audience must be able to know and like you. They must also know and like the products and services you have to offer in order to convert them to a customer.
  • Your marketing foundation should be who do you want to talk to and what do you want to say to them.
To professionals who have been marketing themselves for many years, much of this is second nature.  However, I found it very wothwhile to take a second look at how I am marketing my own business and the TVCNet organization from a different perspective.  It enabled me to see things differently, and that alone was enough for me to make some changes to my marketing plans which I hope will boost business.

The workshop was very interactive and the attendees, including myself, were able to walk away with content we could craft even further in order to effectively target who we as consultants want to speak with and what we want to say to them. If you missed this TVCNet meeting, be comfortable in knowing that if you attend Mike's official workshop in October you won't be disappointed.

Mike wrote to me the next day and said, "I appreciate the chance to test drive my marketing workshop with the TVCNet group. Their feedback was great, and the final workshop will be better for it!"

Thank you, Mike, and thank you to all who attended.  We look forward to seeing you, other members and new faces at the next TVCNet meeting scheduled for October 23rd.  For details on this an other events, please visit the TVCNet Calendar.

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