Friday, June 13, 2008

Terms of Service Every Consultant Should Have in Their Contracts

Here are 8 things you should include in your terms of service agreement from Freelance Switch.

Two of the items are crucial in my opinion. First, is schedule. As independent business professionals, clients sometimes feel we are on call - anytime. It's your personal choice when and how you would like your clients to contact you, but if want to make sure your personal life and your work life boundaries are clearly defined, make sure your business hours are clearly written in your service agreement.

Second, is ownership rights. When you create content and deliverables for your client, do you own what you created? It may depend on the nature of work you do for your client, and on a case-by-case basis you may have to negotiate this point with your client, but be sure you have this item in your service agreement.

If you have other items you include in your service agreements in addition to the 8 that Freelance Switch offer, please let us know and explain the rationale for your service agreement item. I'm interested in your comments.

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