Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Support for Emerging Companies in Idaho - Thinking Locally to Solve Business Problems

I was happy to see the following post at the Idaho Business Review website.

Crawforth: Idaho should more strongly support emerging companies.

Jason Crawforth is the founder of Treetop Technologies, a Boise-based software development company. In a speech to the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, Crawforth advocated that our state should do more to support Idaho's emerging companies.

While Crawforth's speech was positioned to advocate emerging start-up tech companies, a quote he made resonated with me:

“Before you look across the planet, look across the street.”

His message was targeted toward chamber members urging them to think locally to find area talent to help solve their business problems rather than look outside the Treasure Valley.

So, what pleases me about this?

It's nice to see other professionals in the Treasure Valley advocating what Treasure Valley Consultants' Network has been rallying other consultants around since launching in October of 2006. The people with the skills and the talent to solve business problems are right here in the backyards of the Micron's, the HP's, The SuperValu's, the Idaho Power's, etc.

The list can go on and on.

I did not attend the event where Mr. Crawforth gave his speech and I did not hear or read how he proposes our state does more to support emerging businesses. If you were at the event, I would be interested in hearing what Mr. Crawforth proposes our state government do to urge local companies work with and hire local talent.

Whether tech companies or business consulting companies, it really doesn't matter. Even though we live in a global economy, thinking and acting locally can be just as lucrative as searching across the country to find solutions to business problems.

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