Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Introvert's Guide To Selling at Businesspundit

A favorite blog in my RSS reader is Businesspundit where the author has recently published a post on The Introvert's Guide To Selling.

Personal selling is quite possibly the biggest stumbling block for any consultant regardless of field or specialty. It's a necessary business task to enable us to do the work we love to do. The best piece of advice in this post has to do with attitude. Changing your attitude toward sales will help you be more successful and will make you less apprehensive to approaching people and engaging them about your services.

Because I felt I needed help in this area, I took a class on personal selling at BSU a few years ago. I can testify after I completed the class that I had a paradigm shift in the way I viewed sales and can confirm that it has changed how I do business in a positive and meaningful way.

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