Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TVCNet Reaching a Tipping Point

Just like the change in season taking place outside my window, I can sense a change in the air for our organization.

A press release I sent out last week that was picked up by the Idaho Statesman has generated a number of calls and inquiries into our organization. We even picked up some new members! Next month I may be appearing in an article published by another local newspaper on ethics in the workplace. This invitation to be interviewed was prompted by the press release.

I'm excited about the direction of our organization. One of the goals for the rest of the year and into next year was to legitimize our profession in the Valley. It's not that it was in trouble or that we desperately needed it. We just needed to let the Boise business community know that we exist and the talent they are looking for is right in their own back yard.

Eventually I expected it to happen, but didn't think this momentum would start so soon.

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