Sunday, August 12, 2007

TVCNet is Taking a Blog Vacation

Since this blog started in late 2006, I have managed to write over 100 posts. Looking back on many of them I'm happy to see I have added to the conversation of the consulting profession here in the Treasure Valley and abroad. To everyone who has commented - thank you!

This might be a risky move, even after announcing that this blog is now part of the Entrepreneur Blog Network at Evan Carmichael, but I need a break. I need to recharge and focus my energies toward some personal and professional goals I have set for myself over the next few weeks, at least until the end of August.

The success of any blog depends largely on the amount of new and relevant content it publishes, but it also has to provide value to the reader. I hope I have done both since launching this blog last Fall. It has always been my goal to provide at least 8-10 high-quality posts a month. Once I return after the end of August, I'm sure I'll have a lot to talk about. There will be a lot of topics waiting in the cue upon my return and I'm sure 8-10 topics will not be that hard to come by.

Have a great August and "don't forget me when I'm gone" (yes, I know that's the title to an 80's song).

Bonus: name the band who sang that song and the other 80's artist who appeared on background vocals in the same song. Here's a hint - they're both from the same country.

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Patrick Lee said...

Glass Tiger with Bryan Adams on background vocals. Ah, the power of Google...

Enjoy your blogging vacation.