Tuesday, June 26, 2007

All It Takes Is Just One

I saw this post from Seth Godin the other day and it got me thinking about consultants and blogging.

I’m a firm believer that if you are a consultant, you should be blogging. You are in the business of selling your knowledge and skills and the blog is the best tool to promote it. Where else can you display your knowledge and skills to the world for free? Forget newsletters and forget trying to get your articles published for now. Start blogging!

Seth’s post has wonderful advice on how and why you should start blogging. It’s short, sweet and simple and all it takes is just one post.


Corey Smith said...

I use my blog more as a place to share my thoughts on a topic. But, I have found, that it makes me think about what is important. On my business blog, I get to vent about the good and bad experiences that I have while doing business with other companies and hope that I can help other companies improve just a little.

I find it amazing, however, how fast people find me because I have become a trusted publishing source in their minds. (Yeah... I know it is amazing that someone thinks I can be trusted)

You'll be amazed at how much more seriously you are taken when you publish your thoughts. You'll find that you start having more credibility in what you are selling when in fact all you are doing is facilitating the conversation.

Justin Beller said...

Very good point, Corey.

Publishing a blog can lead to credibility. If you are honest, open and truthful with your posts you work toward building credibility which is a crucial component of any consultant's practice.