Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Use LinkedIn to Break from Cold Calling

So you're on LinkedIn and you're asking yourself, "Now what?"

I found a great article on how to use this web tool to break from cold calling - something I know some consultants (including me) avoid like grim death!

If you are like Rob, the gentleman who commented in my previous post, this is how you would use the tool. Heck - even I could use it in this manner! Currently I am using the free version of LinkedIn. From what I understand the free version only allows you to search for people based on certain criteria. You don't get names or companies. You only get job titles and locations. Also, you are limited by the number of contacts you can make per month. To get additional features and the ability to contact more people, you'll have to pay anywhere from $20 -$200 per month.

It may be money well spent if it will help you in your business development as a consultant. The decision you have to make is what kind of ROI it will have for you. Based on some consulting fees I know, landing one client per month would pay for it tenfold.

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