Friday, February 2, 2007

Develop A Marketing Calendar for Your Consulting Business

One of my favorite websites is - the web home for Entrepreneur Magazine.

On their website they recently ran an article on how to develop a marketing calendar for your business. For independent consultants, this is especially important. Since most of us are one-man or one-woman armies, we're often forced to take on several business functions at once. Marketing is chief among them. Over the past few years, I've learned to adapt to being a one-man army by building, maintaining and relying on systems to help run my business. One such system is a marketing calendar.

A marketing calendar is simply a calender where you mark off when and how you intend to market your business. It can be broken down monthly, quarterly or any way you see fit. The goal is to keep a consistent message about your business flowing out to your current and potential customers on a regular basis. The calendar helps by keeping you on track.

The article talks about a marketing calendar as it relates to tactics such as direct mail, newsletters and e-mails to clients and potential customers. What's not mentioned are marketing tactics such as attending networking functions, posts to your blog and updates to your website. All of these are just as important as the traditional forms of marketing and should be included in your marketing calendar.

Even though we are now into February, it's not too late to develop a marketing calendar. By doing this you will develop a system that will help you operate your business as though you have a marketing army at your command.

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