Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Jump! Boise Area Consultants Challenged to Raise the Bar

A number of consulting professionals gathered on Tuesday evening for the second meeting of Treasure Valley Consultants' Network to hear Johnna Johnson present Raising the Bar: From Mediocrity to Excellence. The energy and enthusiasm I've come to know in Johnna since meeting her for the first time a few years ago was on display as she did an excellent job presenting a topic she is passionate about.

We hear so much about setting goals not only for ourselves, but also for our businesses. As consultants we have to constantly raise the bar each time we reach a personal or professional goal. It's what helps us grow and improve the service we provide to others. Take for example, TVCNet members BlueLine Grassroots Marketing. Recently, they moved from the BSU TECenter in Nampa to their own office building in Boise. Talk about raising the bar! My guess was that by moving out of the safe environment they created for themselves at the TECenter, they are now challenging themselves to do better in their business by moving out of their comfort zone. There's more at stake, but the rewards will be greater because they challenged themselves.

The simple act of setting a goal for yourself or your business is not enough. You must have key components behind those goals to move from mediocrity to excellence. Johnna taught us three:

  • Ambition
  • Attitude
  • Action
Essentially, it is the why, the how and the what that drives you to the place you are jumping to. Out of the three, I feel action is the most important. I recently read an interesting passage in a book about action. It said that in order to change anything in your life, you must take action. You can't wait for things to fall into place. If you take action and fail, you must be willing to pick yourself up again, learn from the experience and take action once again.

Overall, I was please with the attendance and met some nice, friendly professionals for the first time. I feel this organization is building momentum and will only get better in the months ahead.

If you attended the meeting - thank you! If you didn't, keep an eye on the calendar for the next TVCNet meeting.

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