Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Become an Authority - Author a Book

As consultants, the services we provide are largely intangible. They only realized when we demonstrate and carry out our specialized knowledge-based services. One way to make our knowledge-based services tangible is to create information products such as books.

I was recently sent an invitation to a teleseminar on how to create books to generate a stream of income for your business. You can hear the seminar by clicking the link below.

Mission Publishing Teleseminar Audio Download

NOTE: The audio will only be available for a short time so download it as soon as possible. Also, understand that this is a seminar set up to promote the producer's programs and services. Yes, there is a sales pitch, but the content of the teleseminar is high quality and during the call I learned a few things I myself can do with the information products I created.

If you need a reason to begin authoring books as part of your consulting business, here are three:

  1. Authoring a book can help you stand out from your competitors
  2. Authoring is recognized as a symbol of expertise
  3. Helps you get past media gatekeepers by establishing credibility and authority
Authoring a book can be the ultimate form of leverage for your business. Best of all the content you create can be repositioned to reach different audiences and tap into new markets.

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