Friday, December 8, 2006

Providing Real Value in Your Presentations

I know I've been plugging the heck out of the Business Basecamp Tele-seminars that I've been listening in on since Monday, but I wanted to let folks know that not every seminar I've heard up to this point is worth its weight in gold.

The most recent tele-seminar I listened to was nothing more than a sales pitch for the speaker's company and his services. Everyone up to this point has been professional. Yes, they have their products and services to sell, but each speaker has offered valuable information in the call that I have been able to turn around and apply back to my business.

As consultants this gives our profession a bad reputation. It makes us look like 1800's Medicine Shows selling "cures" that are really nothing more than alcohol in little bottles.

It goes without saying, but presentations are opportunities to educate - not to give a sales pitch. I've been an active member in many professional organizations that provide opportunities for folks to give presentations. In every organization the number one rule has been to educate the audience - no sales presentations. By educating your audience you provide real value. Have at least one "nugget" of valuable information. Have something for them that they can turn around, go back to their offices and use right away.

When you provide real value in the form of education you are actually using the best sales and marketing tool possible without in-your-face tactics that turn off so many prospective clients.

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