Saturday, November 25, 2006

Self-Esteem and the Consultant

When I started my consulting business, PinPoint Performance Solutions, back in May of 2005 I felt as thought I was walking a fine line between excitement and outright fear.

Looking back on the founding of my consulting business, I discovered most of my fear was rooted in my own self-esteem, or how I saw myself. Keep in mind that my business was founded shortly after I was FIRED from a job. I had never been fired from a job and anybody who has can tell you that it is a huge blow to your ego.

No matter where you are in your consulting business (whether starting or well underway) no doubt you have asked yourself, "Why am I doing this?" or "What am I thinking?" Just the other day I stumbled across a video I think every consultant should see no matter where they are in their business. Alan Weiss is known as The Million Dollar Consultant. He's written many books on consulting and his own website is full of information on the practice of consulting including this video on self-esteem. Watch it and learn from it!

If you think you everyone is better than you, you're probably right. Alan puts it all into perspective by explaining you really have nothing to lose if you put yourself out there. Life is short and we really do have the faith to move forward. It's ridiculous to say you can't take risks considering what the average person faces each and every day. We are in control of our lives, our skills and our demeanor whether we think so or not. There are other professions far more dangerous especially when we compare them to our own.

See for yourself.

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